Tell tale signs you’re in need of a decorator!

Today’s post will shed some light on scenarios when you’re probably best leaving it to the professionals, even with D.I.Y being so prevalent as a hobby, a way to save a few pennies and spend your free time doing bits it can be easy to get out of your skill remit.

So in no particular order:

  • You decide to tackle the redecoration of the spare room, in free time obviously, 2 years later it still bares resemblance to a half written off dungeon that no sane guest would ever sleep in.  Subsequently it is now the dumping ground for all manner of goodies, including the home gym kit you promised yourself would get used this year.
  • The state of your wood leaves a lot to be desired.  Flaky, peely, lifeless and certainly out of shape.  The idea of making it look nice seems appealing.  The prospect of many hours of sanding, filling and making good does not, think of many other enjoyable things you could be doing with your free time.
  • Someone before has done a less than satisfactory job on the paintwork, with each inspection and layer that you peel back, just like an onion, the mystery seems to keep unraveling.  How long do you want to spend uncovering the previous owners bodges?
  • When assessing your previous painting attempts, your friend asks which child of yours done the job!
  • Each time you decide to tackle a job you end up cursing, instantly regretting it and not having very much fun in the process.
  • You decide to try your hand at patterned wallpaper…..


I’m sure there’s plenty of other scenarios out there, why not leave a comment with some of your favourites




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