Bored of wallpaper, medicocre colour charts or other lacklustre wall dressings?

Venetian Polished Plaster Could Well Be The Answer To Your Wall Covering Conundrums

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The Field of Limitless Options

With so many choices of finish available it can be hard to choose which would be best suited to your plastering needs, lucklily if you're stuck our experts are just a call or email away and would be happy to help you out.

We find that imagination can be one of the limiting factors when exploring the world of polished plaster applications.

From smooth and glossy finishes to drag marks and swirling right through to glittery and metallic finishes we've got your surfaces covered, there is even options to seal and wax the surface so that it becomes waterproof and therefore can be used in bathrooms or kitchen areas, see below for our complete list.

  • Tadelakt- a lime plaster application that is waterproof, giving high gloss polished finish or matt effect to your surfaces
  • Pitted Finishes- used to create a textured look to your surface, adds depth to the surface for more visual impact
  • Drag Marked or scored finishes provide you with texture and multiple colours on show giving you a unique and eye catching wall
  • High Gloss Polished Finishes are available as a top coat over the surface giving you that super smooth flawless mirror like finish that you'd expect on a car
  • Marbling effect will replicate the traditional marble from a quarry without the size, weight or expense, also you can choose exactly what colours you'd like to appear rather than being limited to whatever Mother nature has provided

Why Choose Freshlook To Polish Your Plaster?

When you decide that you want the best finish naturally you'd expect that the top quality materials have been used and the people carrying out the work have been trained professionally wouldn't you?

This isn't always the case.

By selecting us as your contractor of choice to help with your project your mind can be put at ease as we have been trained by the ONLY company in the UK to offering accredited training in Venetian Polished Plaster applications.

Not only that we source all of our traditional and premium quality materials from them to ensure that you receive the service and craftmanship that you'd expect on your investment.