Electrical Projects

From complete rewiring of your property to the deisign and installation of new lighting systems.

Complete rewire of a 3 bedroom house in Merstham

In this picture you can see scorch marks on the old plastic bits where system has been overloaded

Older properties such as this may be able to function on a day to day perspective but that's not to say that they're safe and suitable to live in, especially if it were to be rented out.

Regulations are constantly revised and updated to ensure the highest standards are met, with the electrical system in this property around 40+ years old it was certainly due an upgrade.

As you can see the fuse board itself shows signs of scorching which is a risk in itself.

Great job!

Very professional and dedicated to delivering a great finish. They went over and above to complete the job to a high standard and on time.

- Neil , East Horsley