Residential Exteriors.

Outside needs to look equally as nice as the insides do, we as humans often tend to spend more focus on ourselves externally but for property it's usually the other way around.

Here you'll find examples of beauty we've brought back to properties.

Stonework refurbishment

Stone roof railings on Victorian townhouse.

You can see the contrast in the before and afters above!

We were called in by the client to help maintain the lovely period feature and keep it inline with the upkeep of the area.  As I'm sure you'll agree it was looking rather unsightly.

Over the years the weather takes it's toll with this being the end result, however we were able to restore it to former glory, pleasing the client greatly.

The photos say it all really, we took this sorry looking feature window bay from old and flaky to instant kerb appeal.

It's amazing what a little bit of TLC can do when applied in the correct manner.

The client was displeased with how their home looked from outside so we were called to come and tackle the issue head on.

Flaky paint, peeling and general tatty-ness was remedied providing a sash window refurbishment that will be good for many more years to come

Front door decoration