Bathroom Renovations, Remodels & Installations

When it comes to having a complete bathroom remodel, installation or refurbishment, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right company to complete the works, typically a bathroom can cost between £8000-17,000.

As an established contractor in Surrey and South West London we hold trade accounts with local & national suppliers, so if you’ve not already ordered your bathroom suite & tiles, we may be able to get these items at a lower investment for you.

If you prefer to order them yourself that’s totally cool with us too, all we ask is that all items are there for the start of the job once your existing bathroom has been removed.

There are many considerations when it comes to design & planning of your new bathroom space which can easily be overlooked to the untrained eye which is why we visit your property before submitting an estimate so that we know exactly what we’re dealing with & any limitations that may prevent a particular layout or idea happening within your budget.

Most problems can have a solution for them, however can add to the overall investment in some instances.

So, whether you’re just looking to improve the looks and function of the existing space, would like to convert to a full wet room or are looking to relocate & remodel we’ve got you covered.

For finishing options our expert team is able to cater for tiling in all sizes, styles & layout designs with the same level of precision & detail you’ll come to expect from us. Microcement, also known as seamless stone is another finishing option that is very popular at the moment coming in a range of shades & can be enhanced with additional finishing options alongside this.

You can expect an exceptional end result regardless of what finishing option is decided upon & we’ll try to make the process as smooth as it can be from start to finish.

Typically, we’d allow around 3 -4 weeks for a bathroom refurbishment so factor that into your plans, if you’ve got access to another bathroom in the house for the duration it makes the process considerably more manageable all round & less stressful.