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Top Tips For Starting Your Interior Design Project Right

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Every interior design project starts differently, and not all of them start with a blank slate.

Whether you get in touch with decorators in Surrey to professionally overhaul your Guildford dwelling or simply want to touch up your Woking house, here are some top tips to starting your interior design project on the right foot.

Focus On Feeling Over Furniture

One important piece of advice provided by interior designer Brigette Romanek is that the emotions a room evokes last far longer in the memory than the design itself, so it is important when designing, organising and choosing materials to prioritise the mood you want people to feel whilst in it.

Whether this is a relaxed, calming bedroom, an energising dining room or an uplifting living room that brings people together, focus your colour and texture choices on how you want people to feel whilst in them.

Start With A Centrepiece And Move Outward

Most room designs begin with a single central point or piece of furniture before moving out to the rest of the room space. This could start with a bed frame, a table or a fireplace that is a central focus of people’s attention and conversation.

This talking point, with its textures and colours, also will affect the other design elements in the room, whether they complement or contrast against it.

This often takes the form of a very striking, very detailed centre piece such as an ornate fireplace that is surrounded by more neutral shades and natural textures as a contrast.

If In Doubt, Stay Neutral

If you are wondering why so many houses stick with off-whites, beige and greys on the walls, it is an exceptionally pragmatic, practical and universal option.

Lighter shades help to make a room space look bigger, which is why houses for sale are often repainted in neutral shades, but beyond this, lighter shades that go with nearly any colour scheme allow for more flexibility with furniture and decoration choices, making each piece stand out more.

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