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Bright And Bold Ideas For Bathroom Designs

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Renovating your bathroom is one of the best home decorating projects, as you can get away with being big and bold with your ideas. And if you are a fan of bright colours and bolshy prints, you will fit right in with the latest trends for bathroom design.

Gone are white suites, marble or stone-coloured tiles and light grey walls, as bathrooms in 2022 are full of character and zest. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your washroom this year.

  • Fresh sunny yellows

As bathrooms are standalone rooms, you do not have to decorate them in the same style as the rest of the house and can do something more unusual when it comes to wall paint, floor tiles or even bath design.

Colour curator at Farrow & Ball Joa Studholme told Living etc: “Bathrooms have become much-needed sanctuaries while we are spending more time at home, so we should indulge ourselves in beautiful colours that will nurture and revive us.”

A bright, cheerful yellow is becoming a popular option, injecting a splash of colour, and providing a much-needed energy boost.

Helen Shaw of Benjamin Moore said: “Warm and earthy tones such as yellow and coral will naturally bring a zest and sense of energy to a room. Yellows, in particular, are known to lift a mood and evoke a feeling of warmth and joy.”

  • Contrasting colours

An innovative way to decorate your bathroom could be to paint it in different colours. You could either zone an area, such as the shower, and paint it a contrasting shade to the rest of the room to separate it from the rest of the space.

Alternatively, you can paint tiles and cabinets in bright, complimentary shades, such as red and green, or blue and orange.

Living etc advises on how to make this trend work, saying: “When choosing two extremely bold hues, it’s always better to use them both in balance, and limited quantity.”

  • Ditch the white suite

Ever since the avocado bathroom suites of the 1980s, most of us have been happy with our plain and simple white toilets, basins and baths. However, this is all about to change, as more homeowners want to add a splash of colour to their washrooms through interesting pieces of furniture.

For instance, you could invest in a bright purple freestanding tub for the wow factor, or a statement patterned basin that becomes the centre of the room.

  • Leave nothing blank

Along the same line of thought, many people are opting to decorate their entire room in a bright shade, from their floor to the ceiling, walls, doors, and everything in between.

This works well in smaller bathrooms, even though most people are tempted to leave these a clinical white to give the illusion of bigger space. In contrast, having a small area to work with might give you the confidence to go really bold with your colour choices and design. 

If these ideas have inspired you to go for a bathroom remodel in south-west London, give us a call today and see how we can help.

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