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3 Interesting Wall Covering Trends

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Recent years have seen a move away from the bland neutral aesthetic, and towards interior décor that has more personality and interest. While this is a refreshing change, it can be more of a challenge to choose the right designs for your home. Here are some of the trends that are most popular right now, to provide you with a spark of inspiration!

Contemporary Arts & Crafts designs

The Art and Crafts movement that was launched by William Morris &Co in the late 19th century is enjoying a revival, and with good reason. The beautiful intricate fabric and wallpaper prints perfectly chime with period homes, and can be mixed and matched with more modern pieces.

Many of the designs are influenced by English country gardens and wildlife, and follow with a natural colour palette. This reflects our current concerns with the environment, and craving for the outdoors, not to mention a nostalgia for past eras.

Wallpaper for bathrooms

It may not immediately spring to mind, but wallpaper for bathrooms is becoming a popular trend for 2022. Washable papers are fine for areas that do not directly come into contact with heavy splashback, provided the bathroom is well ventilated. The era of bland white bathrooms is definitely over, as bold botanicals and abstracts take centre stage.

Grown-up animal prints

While animal motifs are common for cute children’s bedroom designs, they are a more unusual choice for the rest of the house. However, Real Homes reports that more sophisticated animal and bird designs are in demand at the moment. Often combined with other plant motifs, these striking papers really make an impact.

The prints often have a limited palette of just one or two strong colours, such as deep rich blues and greens, with details picked out in cream or off-white.

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