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Hot Trends For Bathrooms In 2022!

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There’s nothing more fun than researching different looks and ideas for your bathroom renovations, but it’s actually a really important part of the process, as well, since it will help you work out what you like and what you don’t, ensuring that you don’t waste any time or money on something that you’ll come to loathe in a month or two.

While it doesn’t always pay to tap into every single trend that rears its head, because you run the risk of your property looking dated six months down the line as trends change once again, it can be useful to see what’s going on in case there are a few ideas you want to pinch for your own projects.

Where bathrooms are concerned, it seems that pattern and colour are really where it’s at right now, so great news for anyone who loves nothing more than a big and bold interior!

According to Country Life, one of the best ways to add colour to this part of the house is to turn to fixtures and fittings and really bring them to life. Paring back other design elements in the bathroom and then adding pops of jewel colours on the taps, for example, could make your bathroom sing.

Another interesting trend identified by the news source is that of encaustic cement tiles, which mean that the colours you get actually come from the clay itself, rather than the glazing process… so absolutely perfect for anyone keen to embrace a really natural look, one that keeps design schemes in harmony with nature and the environment.

Speaking of nature, bringing the outside in has been a top trend for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. This is a very easy look to achieve, since you can bring in lots of bathroom-friendly plants and foliage, really giving the space an immediate uplift without breaking the bank.

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