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Our Top Tips For Decorating With Green!

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The biophilia trend for interiors has been going great guns of late, driven in large part by the pandemic and an increasing urge to get back to nature, in whatever form that comes. It’s certainly not a coincidence that there was a surge in sales of homes in the countryside after lockdown restrictions were lifted, after all!

But it’s also entirely possible to bring the outdoors in without relocating to a fancy rural pad… no doubt excellent tidings indeed for anyone who already loves the home they have!

Green is, in fact, one of the most versatile colours with which to decorate and it works brilliantly in a range of different rooms, no matter what purpose they serve. It all depends on the shade you choose.

Furthermore, because there are just so many different shades of green to play around with, you’ll find that it goes very well with all sorts of other colours, so you’ll have endless options when it comes to redecorating.

Green also works really well as either an accent colour or as the dominant feature of a space, which makes it even more fun to work with. What you may find useful when it comes to choosing your greens is taking the time to decide which tones really speak to you on a personal level. 

Don’t just go for the trendiest shade, as you may find you hate it when it’s plastered all over the house. Your decor choices have to resonate with you, otherwise… what’s the point?

Think about the mood, ambience and atmosphere you want to create in your various living spaces and try to pick your green colours accordingly. 

Also make sure you factor in how much natural light you have to play around with, as this can also have an impact on how well your chosen green will work. Anything with a blue undertone, for example, can make a room feel cold if there isn’t much natural light flooding the space.

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