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Tips To Plan A Successful Bathroom Renovation

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The bathroom has been transformed in recent years from a functional space, to a more luxurious room where we value the benefits of relaxing in a pleasant environment. Planning an overhaul of your bathroom can seem overwhelming, with so many things to think about. Here are some tips to combine practicality and style, for a room that will be a joy to use.

Decide on your budget

Knowing how much you want to spend beforehand will give you a realistic picture of what can be achieved. If you are on a small budget, it is more cost effective to keep the layout of the bathroom the same, and replace things such as the tiling, flooring, or sanitaryware.

What is the best use of space?

Wall mounted sanitaryware can save space in smaller bathrooms. If there is more room, you may want to consider a separate shower cubicle if you don’t already have one. Other common additions include underfloor heating, a heated towel rail, and storage units.

Classic style or latest trends?

When redecorating, it can be difficult to know whether to follow the latest trends, which may go out of style in the future, or stick to a safe but unremarkable design. The answer really depends on how much you like a certain trend, and if you will be likely to sell the house within the next few years.

Just because a certain look is popular now, it doesn’t mean that won’t be considered a stylish classic design in years to come. After all, most of the current fashionable looks of today draw on vintage designs of the past.

What matters more than colours and so on is the quality of the workmanship. A bathroom that has been installed by a team of talented and experienced individuals will always look good.

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