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Top Tips To Make The Most Of Neutral Shades

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Using neutral shades as the primary colour scheme for your home is very popular for several highly practical reasons, particular for people looking to sell their homes or in the business of house flipping.

The practical appeal is that lighter shades make a room look larger and calmer compared to darker shades due to how we perceive light and colour.

This is the main reason why homes that are being sold tend to have lighter coloured walls to maximise the perception of space and create a blank canvas that captures a buyer’s imagination.

Outside of selling homes, however, neutral colour schemes can become an incredible design statement in their own right, if you use whites, off-whites and greys to their absolute fullest.

Maximise Natural Light

The key reason people have neutral shades in their homes is to make the most of natural light, so try to remove as many barriers to this light as possible.

This can include a change as small as adding mirrors parallel to windows to reflect light throughout the room or as complex as making radical shifts to the layout of a room.

In any case, neutral shades and natural light go hand in hand.

Make A Single Tone The Focus

A rather risky decoration idea is to carefully choose one single neutral shade and make it the focal point of an entire property.

The drawback is that if it goes wrong it can lead to a rather dull-looking property, but when done right it creates an amazing statement and allows for unique items of furniture and furnishings to take precedence.

It creates an art gallery-style effect that creates a sense of visual continuity as you travel through a home.

Be Bold With Textures And Design Pieces

A neutral colour scheme goes well with pretty much every style and every design element, which is why minimalism, hygge and Japandi all use neutral shades despite being very different in approach.

Using a mix of natural textures such as wood grain, marble and natural cloth can add a degree of visual interest to a room and keep a design from feeling one dimensional.

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