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2022 To See Bathrooms As Cosy As Living Rooms

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We are all living in hope that 2022 will see a return to normal, but in the meantime, the omicron variant is still causing issues all around the world, and many people are back working from home. The extra time at home will have many reassessing their homes, maybe considering a refresh or even a complete overhaul.

But while you’re checking out the interior trends to adopt in 2022, the bathroom has always been a popular room for remodelling, so we look at some of the bathroom trends you can expect to see throughout the year.

Spa bathrooms

Spa bathrooms are nothing new, but the trend has significantly increased in popularity during the pandemic as homeowners look for a sanctuary to escape from the outside world, and it looks set to be a huge trend continuing into 2022.

Spa bathrooms this year will be about taking luxury to the next level, with huge bathtubs, double showerheads, and massive wet-room style walk-in showers. A trend for double vanity units with luxury marble, granite or quartz countertops will continue into 2022.

Nature indoors

Biophilia, which is another trend that has become huge during the pandemic, sees homeowners blur the lines between indoors and out by bringing nature into homes, and the bathroom is no different.

Organic material such as wood, stone, marble and textures from hemp, rattan and wicker will be used extensively in bathroom design, not only as a way of bringing outside in but also to soften the space, creating a warm and inviting room that has undertones of a cosy living room.


Hygiene is obviously an important factor, as we all sing ‘Happy Birthday’ while washing our hands for the umpteenth time every day, and there is a shift to products that promote good hygiene, such as sensor operated taps, and the use of copper, which is somewhat of a ‘super-metal’, that kills common viruses on contact.

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