Inspiring Home Decor Trends, You’ll Be Tempted to Try in 2022 and Beyond

Having been on the deliverance end of painting greys & relatively neutral tones over the last few years, we’re excited to see what this year had in store for your home décor trends and styles in 2021. Into 2022, many people spent more time indoors throughout recent months; not only were they craving more comfort — but they were also forced to reimagine their spaces to meet the demands of their new lifestyle.

Spending more time at home can give the desire to freshen up the space, redecorate the whole house or even create a nice backdrop for the ever-increasing amount of video calls we’re now taking part in

A few ideas and considerations for what’s to come this year from the interior design & decorating arena; if you’re in need of professional advice and opinions when it comes to implementing, feel free to drop us an email or reach out through the website click here

Read on to discover our insights below:

Earthy colour palettes 

We live in the hope that the years of grey are slowly fading away; if you check out the latest ranges from top brands such as Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore or Fired Earth, you’ll see a lot of vibrant shades and earthy natural tones.  F & B have even teamed up with natural history museums to formulate their range, giving you a lovely palette to pick from.

Think yellows, oranges, reds and brownish hues that can sit alongside each other or be introduced individually to inject some necessary details into your space, picking out focal points or painting areas that may otherwise have been left as safe bet whites.

Having more natural shades incorporated into your interior spaces can act as a means to bring the outside influence within, exciting colour pops from around the globe, brightening up the place and working as a reminder of holidays enjoyed.

This can be done effectively in paint or using some of the other means we touch on below.


Tailored to your tastes

Your true inspiration can be unleashed when it comes to decorating; it is your home, after all, & your personal space that you will be sat with for months or years ahead.

The age of true personalisation is here, and it’s exciting!

Allowing the personality and character from within to unleash creativity can result in some truly special and unique to your designs.

With the developments in paints, products and surface covering options available now, the array of personalisation & colour to match your tastes has grown massively.

This means that for you and the interior design of your space, you can have design options perfectly suited, a place where you should feel completely relaxed and peaceful.

It is a place to retreat when life gets hectic, as it so often can.

Your home should say ‘personal,’ yet many homes with their homeowners can never create that perfect space, often due to lack of guidance, input or ideas generated from a company such as ourselves.

We encourage you to step outside of your box from time to time, explore the variety of surface design options out there in the market, which can include; Venetian plaster, decorative paint effects, Faux finishes, Micro cement, Wallpaper, and so much more.

Bespoke design and finishes also give you the chance to display personality traits such as being completely off the wall, bold and audacious with your choices, should you be so inclined.

Allowing your character to come across in ways that create a statement look or unique feel to the place when decorating your own home gives that extra element of personalisation that can’t be portrayed or expressed the same in other outlets.

It’s your home, and you should want to spend time in it.

Create a pop with colour

For those who want to play the home décor side of things a bit safer, perhaps a little more reserved can often find a splash of colour that will work well, without committing to anything too substantial.

This doesn’t have to be in the form of paint either, as such as we’re fans of getting the brush out, some easier and sometimes more cost-effective solutions can be the introduction of throws, soft furnishings or window coverings.

Using just a hint of peach colour, a single object or piece of art will immediately add your creative touch to a space.

This theme can be woven throughout the home décor or be more isolated to one or two spaces; both instances can be done in a conducive way to the overall look and feel of the space.

Enhancing a focal point by picking out a bold or vibrant shade to catch the eye is another way to do this, which for most is within reach and can be easily changed back if too adventurous.

Illuminating possibilities

Once reserved for those carrying out complete overhauls or having massive budgets to splurge on expensive luxuries, decorative lights & creative lighting solutions have become a lot more affordable.

Given that as a whole, we seem to be spending more time inside these days, not always due to the weather here in England, having an excellent well-lit space can make the difference between happiness vs gloom & doom, quite literally.

We love lighting as much as the next person, which is why we’d recommend ensuring finding lights that not only look great but also help fulfil the other requirements to brighten up your world.

Lack of natural daylight, especially during the winter months, has been proven to affect our energy & moods, which is why we’d like to note that full-spectrum bulbs can help you out. There have been specific fittings designed to counteract the darkness & restore joy to your life.

Table lamps or floor lamps are quick and easy additions that can be used to illuminate feature walls and focal points that you’ve decorated if you’d like to enhance these critical details at night.

Uplighters can be tucked away behind furniture, and L.E.D strip lighting is installed quickly enough to give off warm glows emanating from the undersides, insides or otherwise semi-hidden areas.

It’s easy enough to separate areas and thinks about how the space will be used for an evening; the lighting setup will determine the ambience you can achieve.

So many options are available on the market, with some of them very cost-effective for significant visual impact, so if you’re budget conscious, this can be one of the ways to transform a space at night for not much investment.

Fun with fabrics 

Being adventurous with your home décor no longer needs to stop at paint and wallcoverings, the inclusion of soft materials and luxurious feels can be brought across onto a much more extensive selection of surfaces.

We’ve seen some very creative ways to utilise this as an interior styling idea; with so many fabric styles available on the market, you could merge these alongside paint themes to produce some extraordinary designs within your home.

Framing pieces of fabric, creating window dressings, covering window boards, doors or producing some tasteful bunting are all suggestions as to how you could introduce them.

Of course, this can be thought out alongside a well-executed decoration on the walls, ceilings and surfaces, which we can help inspire you with should you look for ideas in this area.

Used tastefully, the addition and integration of fabrics into your home can add a layer of softness and new texture that other materials or design options wouldn’t be able to achieve.

Animal print, tribal patterning and otherwise quite garish styles can effortlessly blend into the room without being too noticeable if that’s the look you’re going for.

Subtle, more neutral colours can appeal to the touch senses more than the visual, yet still add to the overall impact and theme, perfectly bringing it all together.

Upcycling and refurbing old furniture

With more time on your hands, it can be a fun and enjoyable pastime to experiment with finishing yourself from the comfort of your own home or shed.

The movement for doing this as a hobby has grown exponentially over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down yet, with some of the designs are getting excellent traction online and sold.

Some would-be hobbyists have now been able to turn their passion into profit & start selling their designs through web stores or social media, which can be very lucrative especially considering that old furniture can be picked up for the free or relatively low cost.

Key pieces can transform a space and tie in your overall décor theme, so make a significant investment of time or resources; upcycling is also good for the environment and gives a new lease of life to tired old pieces which may otherwise be destined for landfill.

This is one trend we can see growing in popularity year on year.

We hope this article has been helpful and given you some ideas to mix up your interior spaces & home décor in 2021,2022, and even further. Our forecast for trends is based on our previous years of industry experience & the direction we see the market moving.

As with anything decorating related, we’re happy to discuss further should you wish to explore how they apply to your home.

Trends with decorating come and go, so if you are still living in the grey era or floral wallpaper and would like us to help you out with a new look for the new year, get in touch via the website. Clickclick here