What it means to be a Dulux Select Decorator

Not all decorators are created equal, much like anything in life there will be a variance in quality and pricing, not only that but some painters wouldn’t actually class themselves as a decorator.

Let me explain.

Decorating is a more rounded trade, with skills in all aspects of paint, prep, repair works and wall papering. Someone that classes themselves purely as a painter is unlikely to tackle anything outside of the preparation and actual painting of interior/ exterior works.

To be a Dulux Select Decorator, means that the company or individual has taken it upon themselves to be tested & examined on site to ensure they are up to scratch, whilst it is not an industry requirement it does show a level of professionalism that seperates the field.

It also costs to be part of this accreditation, which not everyone is prepared to pay for.

From a customers standpoint it offers extra reassurance also, whereby if any defective batches of Dulux paint are used they will cover the costs to rectify the issue, which does happen from time to time, in fact we were called in several years ago to a job in Epsom where the woodwork paint hadn’t cured.