We are a Fresh & Exciting new company that has been established off the back end of solid workmanship & credibility gained whilst helping others to build their own businesses.

Our experience & client feedback shows us time and time again that the3 key areas to ensure satisfaction are:

  • quality of the work,
  • punctuality 
  • minimal disruption 

" The majority of our works comes through repeat business, or direct referrals"

So why fix it if it's not broken!


"You pay for what you get"

This is true no matter which service it relates to, so we have complete transparency when dealing with our customers. If it's just a quick freshen up that you're after then we can take care of this, and the price will reflect, but if you're after our more premium offerings such as high gloss finish and woodwork so smooth you'll think it's metal or plastic then we will bill you accordingly.

What we won't do is pretend that we'll give you the quality but charge you peanuts which just ends up in unhappy clients.

"If we say we'll take 2 weeks then it'll take 2 weeks"

All too often we have had to rectify others shoddy work, or even worse go and finish off jobs that other people had started and not finished!

It can be frustrating to have people working on your property especially when you have work to do, a family to look after and all the other day to day tasks that need completing.

I'm betting the last thing you need is the added stress of having works run behind schedule or being finished to an unsatisfactory level, which is why we try our absolute best to ensure that everything done on our part runs as smoothly as it can do.

We allow enough time for snags, making good and cleaning up thoroughly once we're done.

At the end of the day we can't predict the future so if any unforeseen situations arise we can certainly make good of it but will set us back a little.

Or what if the other trades people you had organised don't stick to their proposed schedules? Then yes it will have  knock on effect with our works and whilst we will try to accommodate any unplanned instances as best as we can sometimes it can upset planned works somewhat.

Nobody enjoys living in squalor conditions

We believe that you shouldn't have to either!

Using common sense and planning to ensure that your life and home are minimally affected during our works is one of the key areas that we're known for here at Fresh Look.

At the end of the day you're the one that has to live with it, so by us keeping dust levels down, tidying up as we go and protecting floors and features we'll ensure your minimal disruption.

Where needed we can use our powerful dust extration unit, which is the best one available made by Mirka.